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Just saw someone’s pictures on Tumblr that reminded me of some photos I took a while back using my phone. I think this was the HTC G2? Maybe not…. 

Alas this is the version of this song that was playing on my Pandora this morning!

I was biking and it was cold.. song felt great.. but i wasn’t gonna take my hands out of the gloves to like the song i was biking and it was maybe 29 degrees..

Here it is ” Hang on ” by Plumb (Dave Aude Club Remix)

The last 48

So I worked an overnight shift last night.. slept from 2am to 430 am. Then from 720am to 920 am. It was a rather eventful day. I will write about it in a bit. I am doing another overnight. Many good conversations today. Not sleepy at all.. in fact i feel like I have so much i wanna get done tonight during this overnight… tomorrow i may sleep between 6-7am and 10… maybe not. 

something doesnt feel right between us…idk what